About us

Our roots

Jointly we have been so fortunate to spend more than 30 years working with many aspects of marketing and communications within multinational companies.
We have worked across multiple cultures and lived and worked on almost all continents, often with a scarcity of resources.
This ballast has provided us with diverse know how and a holistic mindset, which allows us to take a pragmatic approach to any marketing and communication
challenge, ensuring that it is managed in the most efficient and effective way.
Opposite many agencies, we like to avoid lengthy workshops and strategy sessions. Instead we like to get into the swing immediately, identify the challenge together with our clients, and swiftly respond with an optimal solution.


We have extensive experience developing and rolling out communication strategies and plans for a vast range of areas, developing engaging content, operating social media, as well as managing global brands. Our background revolves around developing and anchoring purpose driven marketing and communication initiatives with either country, regional or global scope. This ranges from development of brand and message platforms, content development, campaign management and activation across offline and digital touch points to internal staff or external audiences. In most cases we have been involved from A-Z, at both the strategic stage to the hands-on production and activation phases.


We are passionate about helping people grow their business, through purpose driven Marketing and Communication – and doing so in the most efficient and effective fashion.


We are result oriented and focused – we approach any task with a high level of dedication and curiosity, and we always aim to apply our creative ability with our analytical understanding. We take a holistic approach and try to think outside the box while challenging the status quo.